Puzzle #16: The Aubrey-Maturin Puzzle

  image from, not sure of original A silly one to round out August. If you know, you know: enjoy PUZ

Puzzle #15: Alternative Medicine

Themed puzzle with a surprisingly difficult themeset. Really trying to improve my cluing, but this is an old puzzle that will hopefully one day serve as a "before" picture (the cluing's not very interesting.) Regardless, enjoy! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #14: Themeless (spicy edition)

 Look, sometimes you're midway through filling a themeless puzzle, you aren't really sure if it's going to be something you want to submit somewhere or if it will just go on the blog, and then you see some fill options and lean into "onto the blog it goes!" I don't know if this is a relatable experience. Enjoy!

Puzzle #13: Themeless

More themeless practice! This one has reached that critical stage where I'm more happy with the fill than I am with the clues. PDF PUZ

Puzzle #12: Askew

 I really liked this idea for a theme, but thought it would be taking the easy way out to break any more "rules" of crossword construction. Avoiding words under 3 letters made this one rather difficult to fill, but I'm pretty happy with the results! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #11: Stereo

So many circles! Making a puzzle with this many constraints was a fun challenge; I think it turned out about as fun as it could have! PDF PUZ