Puzzle #29: Themeless

Slightly late on this one. Sure hope that me setting a basic goal for the month and already slipping isn't representative of anything. Well, you know what they say, It's Always Thursday Somewhere ™. So, any West Coast solvers, enjoy! A bit easier on this one; see you next week! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #28: Themeless

Another week, another Themeless Thursday! I really like this one; as janky as some of the fill is, I'm a big fan of the words I managed to squeeze in here. A certain prominent paper rejected this one, mentioning as points against it the fill at 7-Down and the clues for 8-Down and 66-Across, some of my favorite parts of the puzzle... which felt like a good sign this one belongs on the blog. Enjoy! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #27: Themeless

Welcome to Themeless Thursday! That's right, every Thursday in March, you'll get a brand new themeless puzzle from yours truly. After starting constructing with a lot of themed puzzles, I've been practicing themelesses for a few months now to work on bringing down wordcount and improving my cluing, and I've picked the very best to share with you all. There's a lot of Thursdays this March, so enjoy! This particular puzzle's construction started with the grid shape. Hot take: I think a cool-looking grid is underrated! Like chefs on the Food Network say, you eat with your eyes first; the words in the puzzle can be a delicious meal, but there's something nice about starting off by looking at a pretty, interesting grid. Sure, it also makes sense to start with some good seed entries, try to fit some interesting contrasts into your dish like an episode of "Chopped," but I find I often have enough good ingredients in my word list to make something good jus

Puzzle #26: Incredibly Funny Themeless

There was a 16-wide themeless in the New York Times a bit ago from Sam Ezersky, and in his commentary , he said "if one is to break the rules, those 16s better be a highlight!" Inspired by that message, I have made a 16-wide themeless in which the spanners are guaranteed hilarious lines that are funny every time. Enjoy! PDF PUZ I know it's been a while since the blog updated, but I promise (I mean it this time!) more content is coming in March. At the end of March, I'll also be attending my first ACPT ! Let me know if I'll see you there! I will be the one with the blue hair!

Puzzle #25: Happy New Year!

Something goofy and light to kick off the new year; feels more like a collection of minis than anything else. Been a busy December for me, but I'm hoping for more puzzle content in the new year: more themes, more midis, and hopefully, more collabs (hit me up!) For the next few weeks, though, my mind will be consumed with thinking about the MIT Mystery Hunt. Good tidings! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #25: The NNN Puzzle

Squeaking in under the wire with a timely themed puzzle! This one took a little over 24 hours from idea to execution, so forgive if it feels extremely rough: had to get it done by today! PDF PUZ