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Puzzle #2: "Vocal Range"

Happy New Year's Eve! Posting this now so I've definitely posted twice  on my new blog this year, making it fully, definitely, officially established. Thoughts and spoilers below the puzzle. PDF PUZ This isn't my favorite puzzle I've ever made (though it's up there) or even my favorite theme (though it's... a pretty fun theme imo.) But it's definitely the best title I've ever given a puzzle, and I hope you get as much appreciation out of that fact as I do. Never let a bunch of proper names and partials get in the way of a good joke, that's what I always say. Happy new year, and I promise more puzzles in 2022!

Welcome to the blog! Also, here's a puzzle!

Hi! I decided to make a puzzle blog. I was going to put some kind of introduction here, to me, my puzzle-making journey, my philosophy of crossword construction, and so on, but... I couldn't really think of much to say. My name's Ben! I live in Massachusetts! This blog will start out with a backlog of pretty standard themed 15xs I've constructed over the past month, and probably get weirder from there! The idea behind this puzzle has been done before, but I couldn't find anyone who's pulled it off quite like this. Let me know what you think in the... comments? I don't know how blogs work! I'm sure you'll find some place to yell at me about solf├Ęge or whatever. PDF PUZ