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Puzzle #10: Midi 2

Just a silly one. Enjoy!  

Puzzle #9: Themeless 2

 It's the 8th of the month, and you know what that means: a puzzle! Just a nice little themeless today.  A few too many dupes/weak fill left me unsatisfied with this one overall, which is a shame, because I'm quite happy with the long words. Hope you enjoyed!

Puzzle #8: "Group Theory"

 It's the second of the month, and you know what that means! Time for a puzzle. A few thoughts on this one below.   One good reason to have a puzzle blog is to showcase puzzles that I like, but don't think will ever quite be polished enough to present without commentary. There is no theme that I want to make work than this one: it has a perfect, punny, 15-letter-long revealer, and I spent a full day scouring every source I could think of to find theme answers that work. The four here are the only answers I've found that work, and even they are quite stretches: 20-Across isn't particularly well-known stateside, 29-Across is little better, and the cluing for 55-Across is a pretty awkward joke (47-Across, however, is perfect). And the fact that these, the only answers I've found that work, all fit symmetrically into a puzzle with the revealer as a central, vertical spanner?  It's too perfect not to make a puzzle out of. But it's a puzzle that's a nigh