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Puzzle #23: Halloween Midi

Happy Halloween! This wraps up Midi Monday Month with an... extra-large midi. Maybe it's more like... a mega-sized mini? Whatever it is, it's a size that was wildly difficult to fill, but I do hope you enjoy. This is a tribute to a local icon, Somerville's own Bobby Pickett. Solving experience is much easier in the applet. Have fun! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #22: Midi

It's a Monday! It's a midi! Let me know what you think! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #21: Midi

That's right, kids, it's everyone's favorite day of the week: Midi Monday! Have a midi to get through your Monday, and let me know what you think! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #20: Midi

Happy Midi Monday, adoring fans! This weekend I went to the local HONK! Festival of street brass bands, and realized that my favorite song is, in fact, the Undertow Brass Band of Providence, Rhode Island's cover of Alice Deejay's '90s trance classic "Better Off Alone." That's not relevant to this puzzle, it's just a true fact! PDF PUZ

Puzzle #19: Midi

It's Midi Monday, everyone! Midi Monday is my project for this month, serving you fresh, timely midis once a week. This one's lightly themed around some current news. Enjoy! PDF PUZ