Puzzle #27: Themeless

Welcome to Themeless Thursday! That's right, every Thursday in March, you'll get a brand new themeless puzzle from yours truly. After starting constructing with a lot of themed puzzles, I've been practicing themelesses for a few months now to work on bringing down wordcount and improving my cluing, and I've picked the very best to share with you all. There's a lot of Thursdays this March, so enjoy!

This particular puzzle's construction started with the grid shape. Hot take: I think a cool-looking grid is underrated! Like chefs on the Food Network say, you eat with your eyes first; the words in the puzzle can be a delicious meal, but there's something nice about starting off by looking at a pretty, interesting grid. Sure, it also makes sense to start with some good seed entries, try to fit some interesting contrasts into your dish like an episode of "Chopped," but I find I often have enough good ingredients in my word list to make something good just starting with a well-designed plate. And the Food Network can only really show pictures of food, anyway. This metaphor feels like it really got away from me. Uh, enjoy?



  1. oh my god there was a missing clue this whole time and nobody told me


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