Puzzle #32: "Musical Composition"

This is one of a few themes that came to me during ACPT, one of the most fun, bonkers, intense, and enjoyable weekends I've had in a while. I was the guy standing around trying to act like I knew people! I'm not good at introducing myself, especially when I immediately lose my nametag! See you all next year, when I'll have different hair. This year, my goal was top half: I got 111th, which feels like a sign that next time I'll be gunning for top 100. (EDIT: LMAO I've been telling people I got 111th, but somehow got confused: I finished 149th! Maybe I'll shoot for 111 next year and work from there)

Thanks to Frisco for sharing a playlist full of music that fit this theme. This one should play on the easier side. Enjoy!



  1. I don't understand the theme. Can you elaborate and enlighten? Thanks!

    1. Answer ROT13'd to avoid spoilers (go to rot13.com to undo):
      Rnpu bs gur gurzr nafjref ner fvatref jub jebgr n fbat anzrq nsgre gur pyhr. Gurersber, gurl'er nyy "fvatre fbat"-jevgref.


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