Puzzle #44: Themeless "It Is What It Is"

I've been trying to keep to a cadence of at least one post per month on this blog, but February and most of March saw me in the metaphorical trenches. So, here's a last-minute technically-March-somewhere puzzle for your patience! I've been trying to name my themelesses to keep better track of them, and am glad I hit on a perfect title for this (admittedly lightly-themed) puzzle.

 Extremely excited for the upcoming ACPT (I will probably bring printouts of this puzzle to share there as well): at my second ACPT, I can't wait to upgrade from "knowing people's online handles, but not recognizing their names or faces" to "knowing people's names but still forgetting their faces." I will also be at Crossword Con the day before--say hi! And I will also be in scenic Carthage, New York the day after ACPT to try to see the eclipse; the forecast is "partly sunny," and I am extending a standing invitation to anyone who wants to go on an impromptu road trip with me to come along.

I really wanted to get another essay on crosswords ("Crossword Puzzles as a Craft") published before ACPT, but the ideas aren't quite coming together the way I'd hoped. If I corner you and start expounding about tightness and symmetry and clean fill, apologies in advance. Anyway... enjoy!



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