Puzzle #47: Themeless "Pitchers"

This one has some of my favorite fill squeezed into it. Let me know what you think!


(audio on completion)


  1. Really fun puzzle with lots of unusual (and appreciated!) fill. Clean, only six 3s, open corners - lots to like!

  2. I really enjoyed this! loved seeing 3D, 16D, 41A in particular, and 15A gave me a hit of a particularly minty-smelling nostalgia (iykyk). also really liked the clue for 52A, didn't twig to it until my second look! I had the most trouble in the NE after the rest flowed pretty smoothly (you wouldn't believe how many things I auditioned to be the end of 21A), but/and/so I feel I appreciated the puzzle all the more for having been made to think harder ^^ oh, also, I wasn't familiar with 20D but was able to guess it once a few crosses were in, super fun entry.


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